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Agricultural Forestry Growing Trays

From concept and design assistance to manufacturing and quality assurance, we are a full-service shop at Custom Plastic Developments. We have been providing custom plastic fabrication services since 1972, taking on the toughest projects and earning a reputation as a leader in the industry. Our capabilities for complex, high-volume production are well documented in the project illustrated here. A company in agricultural forestry needed a large scale order of growing trays for the citrus, pine, and plant industry. This client required design assistance and a manufacturer that could mold large parts at tight tolerances. With our extensive experience in precision manufacturing and advanced equipment, we were pleased to take on the contract.

Our in-house engineers provided design assistance to ensure these trays met all appropriate specifications. The trays were to be constructed from recycled PP and PE; to complete the products, complex multi-action tooling the use of many of our state-of-the-art machines were required. We utilized our full range of equipment, including our 1000 ton press, to complete these unconventionally-sized parts. It was also essential throughout the fabrication process to eliminate the possibility of gas traps or shorts in the product while also controlling any possible warpage. These trays were successfully completed with a matte finish, with the final products measuring 22" x 11" x 8.5". They were held to tightest tolerances of ±0.010".

When the project was completed, our customer was not only impressed by the quality of our work, but also by our high volume packaging and logistics capabilities. We provided fast turnarounds on all necessary design changes and on the overall production order. Over 100,000 of these trays were produced in total, with turnaround times ranging from 2-10 weeks depending on the volume of the order.

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Agricultural Forestry Trays Project Highlights

Project Name & Description
Agricultural Forestry Growing Trays
Capabilities Applied/ Processes
Mold Building
Injection Molding
Industrial Design
Rapid Prototyping
Equipment Used to Manufacture Part
Injection Molding Machines
CNC Machining Centers
EDM Centers
1000 Ton press
Overall Part Dimensions
22" x 11" x 8.5"
Tightest Tolerances
Material Used
Recycled PP and PE
Material Finish
Matte Finish
Industry for Use
Agricultural Forestry
In Process Testing/ Inspection Performed
First Article Inspection/ Jigs and Fixtures
100k +
Delivery/ Turnaround Time
2-10 weeks depending on volume
Delivery Location
North America
Standards Met
Customer Specified