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Military Contracting

Customers from the most demanding industries rely on us at Custom Plastic Developments to fulfill complex orders with accuracy, precision, and fast turnaround times. Our services were enlisted by the U.S. Air Force for a very important project: the high volume manufacture of uniquely designed ammunition loading tubes. We employ world-class design engineers and machine operators with an in-depth knowledge of DOD and Mil-Spec requirements, allowing us to meet the most stringent standards. With our extensive background and experience in custom manufacturing plastics for military applications, we were pleased to accept the project.

This loading tube's extremely complex in design required our full range of expertise in order for successful completion. This included providing design assistance, aided by our knowledge of proprietary materials, and extensive experience in plastic injection molding. After the design for this tube was complete, we procured high impact co-polymer polypropylene (PP) for construction. Molds were produced using our CNC machining centers and EDM equipment. We employed our full range of injection molding capabilities, including multi-cavity and large part molding. To meet our customer's military specifications, complicated multi-action tooling was also required. When completed, the ammunition loading tubes measured 2" in diameter by 11" long, and were built to tightest tolerances of ±0.005".

As this product was to be used in military applications, quality assurance was critical. These tubes underwent extensive testing and inspection, including Izod notched and unnotched impact testing. Go/no go gauges were used for inspections on critical dimensions, as well as CMM measuring. When all quality assurance was complete, all of these loading tubes met the stringent standards of ASTM, DOD-STD-100, and MIL-STD 130.

Our customer was impressed with our work, including our quick turnarounds on design changes and production orders. We have produced over 1 million of these tubes, with lead times ranging from 2 to 10 weeks depending on the requirements of the order. To find out more about this project or our other high-precision projects, please contact us directly.

Military Contracting Project Highlights

Project Name & Description
US Air Force Ammunition Tube
Capabilities Applied/ Processes
Mold Building
Injection Molding
Industrial Design
Rapid Prototyping
QC Inspection
Impact/ Destructive Testing
Material Lot/ Production Tracking
Equipment Used to Manufacture Part
Injection Molding Machines
CNC Machining Centers
EDM Centers
CMM Inspection
Impact Test Equipment
Overall Part Dimensions
2" DIA x 11" LONG
Tightest Tolerances
Material Used
High Impact Co-polymer PP
Material Finish
Matte Finish
Industry for Use
In Process Testing/ Inspection Performed
Izod notched and unnotched impact testing
GO/NO-GO gauges on critical dimensions
Delivery/ Turnaround Time
2-10 weeks depending on requirements.
Delivery Location
North America
Standards Met